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  1. Marketing Management and Marketing is considered as identical but both of them are different in several ways. Read more......
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  3. Marketing is the most important aspect of business and is always focused by the organizations to position themselves in the market.
  4. Marketing MIX is the core of marketing in the absence of which a company cannot succeed with its operations. 4P's are referred to as the most important elements of the marketing mix.
  5. 5C's tends to be the most important elements of marketing and can effectively help to run the business processes in effective ways.
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  10. Market Orientation contains many features. There are mainly five marketing orientation perspectives which are named as follows: market intelligence perspective, customer orientation
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  12. Market Segmentation activity is an eminent activity which is mostly used in the area of marketing
  13. Most of the Companies create different departments in order to handle the integrated marketing communication
  14. Sales promotion is considered to be one of the most important tools to promote the product. Non-media and media marketing communication are hired for market stimulation
  15. Since the competition in today's world is immense, therefore, every student wants to score the best of grades. However, with little effort and hard work, it is impossible to score well because the universities and professors expect too much out of the

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